Get Out the Vote for Sandra Cano


Come support Sandra Cano for Senate!
Sandra's commitment to the people of Pawtucket is unmatched, she is a champion for young people, working people, and families. She's also hands-down the most capable candidate in the race having served on both the Pawtucket School Board and City Council, and undertaking multiple community-driven efforts to support and grow small business in the city.
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YDRI March Member Meeting



The Campaign for Net Neutrality in Rhode Island

Net_Neutrality.jpgJoin the campaign to pass a state level Net Neutrality law in Rhode Island this year.  We need to show the RI legislature that this is a priority for all Rhode Islanders, but particularly for young people.  We've grown up with the internet, and we won't stand for internet service providers to slow down speeds on whatever websites they choose, limit users’ access to sites, charge higher fees for high-speed internet, and even block some websites altogether. We have to say no to ISPs greed. All Rhode Islanders deserve to get access to the entire lawful internet at the speed of their choice when they pay their internet bill.

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YDRI April Member Meeting


Join us for the next YDRI Member meeting.


YDRI and RIWFP Organizer and Candidate Training


Rhode Island Working Families and Young Democrats of RI are partnering up to get the next round of progressive state and local leaders trained and ready to run winning, values driven campaigns this summer.

This is a two-day training, split into two tracks for both candidates and campaign organizers, so sign up your whole team.

When: Saturday, March 24 10 am - 5 pm, and Sunday, March 25 10am to 5pm
Where: TBD
Why: If you don't make the change you want, who will?

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The Young Democrats of Rhode Island (YRDI) promotes the voices and values of young Democrats in Rhode Island.  We are excited to announce our new strategic vision and member offerings for 2016.


  • Be part of a rapidly growing network of Young Democrats in Rhode Island who are committed to being involved, and many of whom work in related fields.  Our Board of Directors includes policy-makers, elected officials, community organizers, campaigners, and many more professionals civically engaged in our state.
  • Attend exclusive member events with Rhode Island’s public leaders.
  • Attend skill trainings, learning best practice for: campaigning, communications, fundraising, and policy advancement.
  • Learn about campaign and policy internship and work opportunities in Rhode Island.
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