The Young Democrats of Rhode Island is the newly reconstituted organization for young people 13-35 who wish to mobilize on behalf of the Democratic party and to advocate for issues facing young people in Rhode Island and America.

Our mission is to organize young Rhode Islanders to realize democratic change.

YDRI is the an umbrella organization for Young Democrats in Rhode Island. Its purpose is:

  1. To encourage young people to become involved in the democratic process,
  2. To advocate for public policy changes that benefit the needs of young people in Rhode Island and America,
  3. To recruit young people into the Democratic Party by presenting the ideas and beliefs of the Party in an open and public manner,
  4. To provide training and workshops to its members and other Democrats, so that they might be better able to involve themselves in electoral politics and the political process,
  5. To stimulate discussion of important issues facing Rhode Island and the nation,
  6. To support the electoral efforts of Democrats, particularly those who are young and those who share the values and beliefs of YDRI, and
  7. To initiate and assist legislation and ballot initiatives which further the policy objectives of YDRI.