Young Democrats of Rhode Island Endorse RhodeWorks Plan

Rhode Island’s ailing infrastructure is in dire need of repair, with nearly 1 in 4 bridges considered structurally deficient, and continues to lag behind the rest of the nation — leading us to being ranked 50th out of 50 states in regards to bridge quality.

RhodeWorks provides Rhode Islanders the unique opportunity to not only repair our infrastructure, but to create thousands of new, middle class jobs that will revitalize our state’s economy.

As Young Democrats, we believe that our system of roads and bridges should be well-maintained and built to promote economic development, connect workers with jobs, and knit together our communities.

By acting now, Rhode Island will realize significant savings, as opposed to the long-standing practice of delaying while our infrastructure becomes more and more unsafe.

The Young Democrats of Rhode Island applaud Governor Raimondo, Senate President Paiva Weed, and Speaker Mattiello for their leadership on this issue, and we urge the General Assembly to support and pass RhodeWorks as soon as possible. It is time for Rhode Island to rebuild not only our bridges and roads, but our economy as well.