Statement on Resignation of Chair Caprio

Like many in the state, the Young Democrats of Rhode Island were surprised to learn of David Caprio’s resignation from the crucial role of Rhode Island Democratic Party Chair. We wish to sincerely thank him for his hard work and his many years of service to Rhode Island.


We now must look to the future; YDRI congratulates Representative Grace Diaz on her elevation to Acting Chair, and we wish her the best of luck during this time of transition.


The RI Democratic Party Chair plays a powerful but underappreciated role. The Chair facilitates connections between candidates and incumbents at every level of our state’s democracy, from our city and town committees up through the Governor’s office. The Chair wields and distributes both financial and informational resources, including fundraising support and access to our party’s voter tracking database.


Most importantly, the Chair must act as a visible embodiment of and vigorous advocate for the ideals of the Democratic Party.


It is with these responsibilities in mind that the Young Democrats of Rhode Island urges that we, as soon as possible, nominate a new chair that reflects both the best interests of Rhode Island and the principles of the national Democratic Party. That includes firm commitments to reproductive justice, gun safety reforms, repealing voter ID and making government more accessible and transparent, positions that are keystones of the national Democratic Platform and popular with Rhode Islanders. As always, we are confident that a Rhode Island Democratic Party built on these principles will help level the playing field, expand economic opportunities, and raise the quality of life for Rhode Islanders—young and old—across our state.