YDRI Urges Candidates to Finalize People's Pledge


Date: March 7, 2014

Contact: Kristina Fox

Email: kafox416@gmail.com


Young Democrats of Rhode Island Urge Candidates to Finalize People’s Pledge

Statement from YDRI President Kristina Fox:

The Young Democrats of Rhode Island are proud to see all three Democratic candidates for Governor working together towards the goal of signing a People's Pledge. We can all agree that Rhode Island elections should be determined by Rhode Islander voters, not by outside interests that write big checks.  The three gubernatorial candidates and Common Cause RI Director John Marion are to be commended for negotiating this pledge. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors and Young Democrats all across the state, I strongly urge Mayor Angel Taveras, Treasurer Gina Raimondo, and Clay Pell to come to a substantive agreement to eliminate the impact of spending by outside groups and super PACs on this election as soon as possible.  Adoption of this People’s Pledge will show that Democrats in Rhode Island are forward-thinking, progressive and pro-active when it comes to the issue of ethical and transparent campaign financing.



The Young Democrats of Rhode Island (YDRI) is the newly reconstituted organization for people age 13-35 who wish to mobilize on behalf of the Democratic party and to advocate for issues facing young people in Rhode Island and America. YDRI strives to encourage young people to become involved in the democratic process and to advocate for public policy changes that benefit the needs of young people in Rhode Island.